My top 5 favourite animes…ever*

Well, like I said yesterday, these next few days I’m going to have a top 5 of MY own favourite [insert subject here] list. And this one is my top 5 favourite animes….ever. For this one, I decided that I will not just insert a clip of the show, instead I will insert one whole episode (the first episode for every show). just so you can watch it for a full half hour or so.

And just so we are clear, there are some amazing people that have translated these shows for a long time. Just so that people (like me) can watch many Japanese anime shows that would not be brought over to North America.

5) Major
Major Episode 1

This is an amazing show. It tells a tale of a young boy whose dream is to become an ace pitcher in baseball like his dad. This show spanned four seasons, with each season Goro (the main character) becomes older and continues to pursue his dream. There is tragedy and whatnot within the storyline. The characters are well-developed, well drawn and most of them are quite likeable.

4)Yakitate!! Japan



Ok, this is kind of a wierd choice I know, but I really enjoy this show. Not only for its sheer ridiculousness but also for the fact that its a show about making bread. Seriously, the producers, animators, and voice actors (and of course the manga from which it was adapted from) make this concept come flawlessly together and they make “making bread” appear completely epic. The gags and puns are so ridiculous that that I couldn’t help but laugh.

3)Ookiku Furikabutte
Ookiku Furikabutte ep 1

this is another show about baseball. This one is about a newly created baseball team with a talented pitcher who is very hard working but has no self-confidence. It really is just about a bunch of kids that want to win, while relying and helping the pitcher have confidence that the stuff he has is actually good. There’s just something about all the characters that are so likeable (with maybe the exception of the pitcher, he is kind of annoying), but the art style is unique quite unique in terms of facial expressions and what not. The story isn’t half bad either.

2) Bartender
Bartender ep.1

Now this one is very different from my number one choice as well as my previous three. If I had to describe this show in one word, I think that word would be “classy”. There really isn’t a central plot, save for the fact that there is a bar called Eden Hall where a young bartender serves drinks to people of all walks of life. There in that bar while drinking their drink, they reflect on their life and their problems while conversing with the bartender and acquiring almost life changing but obvious advice from him. There isn’t any action or really excitement but it tends to be a type of feel-good show.

1) Gintama
Gintama ep.1&2

this has become one of my favourite, if not my favourite anime….ever (and I actually mean that seriously, without change). It is set in ancient Japan when they were very heavily influenced by foreign occupation. In history the ones that occupied Japan were the U.S. However in this show, the U.S forces are replaced by aliens (this allows the author to put in parodies of new tech…Bentendo Oowee in Ep.99 and 100, that was one of my favourite episodes). There is so much that this show offers, the humour is sometimes rich and sometimes low-brow, I love the characters, especially Gintoki (the natural permed silver haired samurai who loves sweet things but is diabetic) and just how he interacts with people. Its a great great show. and I highly reccomend that you definately watch this show off my list…if you were to choose one to sample.

So there you have it, my top 5 animes…ever* these shows sadly will probably never be imported to North American soil, and if they were….they would probably be butchered with poor voice acting and really bad editing (*coughONEPIECEcough*)

Any suggestions for the next list will be welcome!



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