Some of my favourite music videos…ever

It seems that every New Years eve brings in a list of some sort. From top 10 scandals, top 10 sports moments, to top 10 music videos. This year was no exception, with one difference though. The difference was that it was a list of top 100 [insert subject list here] due to the fact that a decade of 2K has past. or something. In anycase I thought I would jump onto this bandwagon and within the next couple of days pump out my top 5 fav [insert subject list here] from music, movies, anime, cartoons….even commercials. why? because I’m nerdy and it seems like fun. So without further necessity for pause, here is my top five favourite music videos….ever*.

5) Christmas in Hollis – Run DMC

I admit, I really love Run-DMC. I love their music, and the fact that they did a duet with Aerosmith. Christmas in Hollis is one of those music videos and songs that you can play all season, and really I love playing this song, the beat is great and so 1980’s. Its amazing.

4) Scream – Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson

I really had a lot of trouble with number 4. It was either this video or Thriller. In the end I decided upon this video. I know that Thriller is such a revolutionary music video but its because it is such an innovation that it has sort of lost its lustre with me. This video, I think, is far more enjoyable to watch.

3) Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

I don’t care much for the song. In fact, I find the song kind of annoying. BUT that doesn’t change the fact that this video blows my mind. Its so trippy. And in a way it reminds me of Rorschach diagrams. Which I suppose if you were to take this song from a psychiatric point of view…would be fitting.

2) Intergalactic – Beastie Boys

I like this video soley for its sci-fi factor to it. Yes I am nerdy like that. The music that Beastie Boys pump out is soley their own and they don’t sound like, really any other hiphop group out there. This video is fun, the song is fun.

1) Note: this next selection is really two videos. I couldn’t really decide because both of these videos are just so good.

Buddy Holly & (If your wondering I want you to) I want you to – Weezer

There’s just something about Weezer that I totally enjoy. Not all their songs mind you, but some of them. And these two videos I think really kind of encapsulates everything I find enjoyable about Weezer. Its like they don’t take themselves seriously. They just know how to have fun. Buddy Holly is especially memorable (who doesn’t love Happy Days?…although i haven’t seen it, but it made enough of an impact to be referenced in many other different shows), and it is very much the same with “(If your wondering I want you to) I want you to”. The videos are nerdy, Rivers Cuomo(Lead vocals) with his big thick rimmed glasses fronts a band that is fun with all its geek-rock goodness.

There you have it, its my first list. My top 5 (technically top 6 considering that number 1 was a tie) favourite music videos…ever*.

Tomorrow, I will hopefully get a list of my favourite animes…ever.


*this word ever, especially for music videos may or maynot be subject to change.


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