My top 5 super-powers I would want to have if this was a comic book

Wow, take a deep breath. That was an unnecessarily long title for a blog post that may or may not be really really short. Anyway, this is my top 5 super-powers I would enjoy having…if I was a comic book character.

5) Green Lantern’s power ring

Ok I know that’s not technically a super-power, but rather it is an accessory that grants super-powers. But seriously? Who wouldn’t want a ring that could create anything (for defense and offence) that is only limited by the imagination and willpower? If I had that accessory, I would create unbelievable robots (getter Robo? Gundam? seriously the Japanese have the coolest robot designs). If its that great how come its not higher? well its got a ridiculous 24 hr charge to it….which makes sense so that the power won’t be abused. But really it could be dangerous if one does not remember to charge it. Plus like I said its an accessory. It still makes it on the list because it grants powers but it loses something because of the charge, its weakness to yellow(although I don’t think that’s an issue anymore) and for the fact it is driven by willpower.

4) Morphing

Not like the Power Rangers (although that would be pretty cool). But the ability to change your body into anything or anyone (like Plastic Man or Mystique off the X-men). It could be abused, but for espionage or infiltration, nothing could beat it.

3) Super Speed

I would love to run so fast that I wouldn’t break the surface tension of the water, allowing me to run on top of it. Also it would be sweet to be able to run fast enough that gravity isn’t an issue (allowing you to run up the side of a building). Faster than the speed of sound. Like Sonic, Quicksilver and the Flash.

2) Healing factor

Yeah that would be sweet, if I were a super-hero I don’t have to worry about dying by bullets with this power.

1) Flight

I would love to fly, it would save on the airplane ticket and there would be so much freedom in the air. Seriously. It would be amazing!

So there are my top 5 super-powers. Some I believe needed more explanations while others were pretty self explanatory.

Next up: My top 5 songs?….maybe….


Further ahead: My favourite Bible passages….like way further ahead.


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