Absolute surrender

Lately as part of my morning wake-up routine, aside from reading the Bible, I’ve been re-reading Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray (hopefully this time I’ll finish it!) This is not a book that can be finished quickly. It is a heavy book, full of points that have convicted me and have made me look at myself long and hard. It’ll take me a while to finish but it’ll be a very worthwhile….um, while.

Andrew Murray makes some very key points about Absolute Surrender that I have often, in the past and in the present forgotten. Here they are:

God expects your surrender
God accomplishes your surrender
God accepts your surrender
God maintains your surrender
God blesses when you surrender

I’ve read those sub-headers before, and it really never did anything for me. But reading it again, its like the Holy Spirit reminded me that all that I “know” to do, I can’t do it on my own. Meaning I can’t surrender on my own strength, because my sinful, pride-filled hardened heart will not allow it. Which is what I love about Jesus. He doesn’t expect me to white-knuckle change because that doesn’t change the state of my heart.

He doesn’t expect me to try my hardest, with my own strength because He knows I will fail, and fail mightily. Even though He expects my surrender, He is the one that begins my surrender, maintains it accomplishes it, accepts it, and then blesses it.

I love it, because nowhere does it say you have to do it all yourself. Instead its God does this for you, God keeps it up. Which is to say He is our strength and sustainer for this highly impossible feat. And i need a reminder of that because I’m often so caught up in the culture of individualism that I forget that, my state of mind, heart and soul cannot change if I try to change them myself.

I need Jesus to change. But sometimes I forget that. Thankfully He continues to remind me and continues to pursue me even when I become a rebellious son.



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