an explanation on the name

It has recently been my desire to give an explanation for my blog name.
Why “Broken, In Repair”? because I believe it gives the best explanation of where I am at right now, as well as where I will be until I die.

Humanity is deeply broken. We are shattered far more than we think, but not beyond hope. As it stands, I am part of, and the cause of this brokenness. Because like you, I am a sinner that is easily caught up in the things of this world. Like you, I easily do things that I do not wish to do, think thoughts I do not wish to think, say words I do not wish to say. Everyday.

And so we are, I am, broken.
But all is not lost.
It is not a hopeless situation. In fact, this is the greatest hope anyone could ever ask for….or imagine. I’m talking about the Great Physician. When He makes us his children He doesn’t leave us wallowing in our own brokenness, counting on us to pick up the pieces. No, He is the one that lovingly cuts out the cancerous, broken areas of our lives and replaces it with something new.

He performs the surgery on me. And it may be painful for a time, sometimes for a long time, but the joy that it brings afterwards…I can’t really describe.

I am but a broken individual, who cannot fix himself, who cannot fix the depths of his heart. But because of God’s Grace, because of the Cross, I can be repaired, I can be who God intends for me to be…because He loves me enough as I am now to continue to sanctify me.



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