My top 5 fav Michael Jackson videos

I’ve finally decided to do another list, this time its more tribute-ish. Its a list of my favourite Michael Jackson videos. Despite all the controversy surrounding him, he knew how to make good music, and some of his videos were absolutely fabulous (Thriller being one of them of course). So here is a list of my top 5 Michael Jackson music videos.


lets kick off this list with Billie Jean. Michaels feet are so magical in this video that he causes sidewalk panels and even wooden stair planks to light up. that’s pretty amazing 🙂 haha. The song is one of my favourites from him, and I think one of his best songs.


No list of Michael Jackson music videos would be complete without Thriller. it is 13 minutes of pure greatness! The song is great, the dance choreography is stellar. and for its time, a music video didn’t really use pretty cool special effects but this one did. its a greaaat video!


I like this video and the song. Its a catchy catchy song. and I think the main thing I like the video is what happens at around 5:28 of the video.


This isn’t even my favourite song of his. But it is such a great great video. if only for the moment that happens at 3:56. when the dude pulls himself from the splits on roller-skates. Man thats bad. haha.


You know its an amazing video when video game producers use the suit you wore in the video as the clothing for the “Moonwalker” video game. I think this is by far my favourite song by Michael Jackson. I love the gangster motif for this video, interspersed with futuristic looking stuff. again, as with most Michael Jackson videos, it goes without saying that the choreography is amazing, and the camera work was pretty interesting.

There are other videos that probably should have been included, but because it is my top 5, it just never made it onto the list. One of them being Scream (which made it onto another list but not a Michael Jackson one) the reason being is that I consider it more so a Michael and Janet Jackson duet video moreso than just soley a Michael Jackson video. However, that being said, I still really like that video.


PS: A good friend of mine (who shall go unnamed, but they will know who they are) has suggested that I do a “Top 5 chick flicks” list, and that will come. seriously.


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