Wading through the thoughts

Thought 1 – It feels like I may have shot myself in the foot, because now that I have posted my “to do lists” I don’t really feel like doing them anymore. haha. Seriously, its like I would rather have those be a spur of the moment, stress reliever type thing. Which they are for me. So, to put an end to this announcement: expect to see the lists up, but not in that order, and not at any specific time. Basically I’ll say that they’ll be up when they are up.

Thought 2 – There are some really interesting television programs. and by interesting I mean absolutely ridiculous. Especially on Muchmusic and Muchmoremusic. No, I’m not talking about Americas best Dance Crew (which is on its 5th season! this coming up sunday!) But more so there is a show called “My very own…” The basic premise of the show is that there is a person that is a huuuuuge fan of an artist (like say a dude named Mark is a huge fan of Shakira) now its not normal fandom, not like you and I would know it (ie: owning albums and maybe a shirt or two). but seriously its like their whole room is a shrine to this artist. (now for twenty points what is this biblically called?) It’s like obsessive enough that these good looking men and women are still single because their idea of perfection is this artist. Anyway, so its basically like a hook-up show, except that three males or females “audition” by singing the artists song.  Before this show I never knew that there were actually people THIS obsessive. It’s seriously leaning towards being a stalker, without actually crossing the line to being a stalker. Seriously friends, if I get obsessed this badly by anything else other than Jesus….please beat (like physically) some sense into me.

Thought 3 – I never really realized how much I tend to run away from conflict until I took a good hard look at myself. I never realized how much I ran away from Jesus (like Jonah) until I took a good look at myself. To quote This Providence “I’m a coward/not a fighter/ disguised as a lover” It’s weird because I think that I have a more aggressive personality but only at times. I think, that in reality I am more cowardly than I want to admit, and less aggressive than I realize. Basically I have an ego that wants to make myself better than I actually am. And it’s painful when Jesus makes me realize this when He totally blows me up. But I am thankful, because it is only through Him that I can be brave and courageous, and aggressive. To quote Sintax the Terrific “Courage is simply an average man’s deeds made daring”

Jesus help me. to be courageous.



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