Top 5 fav openings

Yes yes, its time for another list. another pointless, time-wasting, but oh so fun list….if you think I’m being sarcastic. I’m actually not. I really do enjoy making these, but I also realize that they are pointless, they don’t necessarily add or detract from life, all they do is spark up some nostalgia (some of them should at least). Which I guess, is it’s point. Thereby contridicting what I just stated.

….Anyway, today’s list will be the my favourite openings for television shows….at least that I can remember. This list is not relegated to just live-action, or soley cartoons. It will span all both. So without further stalling. I give you: My top 5 favourite openings

5) Batman the Animated series

Oh man, what is there to say about this opening? I loved, and still enjoy, watching this series. From the opening you could already tell it wasn’t gonna be the Adam West goofy over the top Batman. Instead you were given a glimpse of a Batman series that would be a whole lot darker, and the opening orchestral music just sets the whole atmostphere. Awesome.

4) Samurai Champloo

I think the only reason why I love this video so much (despite the really off-beat, not-oft rhyming that causes me to cringe) is because the opening is so different than what would usually be expected from a show set in ancient Japan. I mean, it’s freakin’ hiphop for the opening theme, usually with shows like this we would typically hear more classical sounding music. Music that would be assumed to have been played during that era….not hiphop.

3) Criminal Minds

I love the show. I love the opening. It sets the mood for the whole show, really it does. it’s kind of got that creepy feel to it. And really a lot of the show is like that, it’s creepy…the fact that people can act like that. Even though the show is fictional, in the opening sequence they do show pictures of actual criminals.

2) This place is a tie between two shows with excellent openings. The two shows are: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Seriously, both of these shows have been a favourite of mine for a while. And every time I hear the opening/see the openings, I can’t help but get nostalgic. They were so….90’s. With TMNT, it was kind of deceptive because the opening looked kind of dark, and a little edgy. But what we got was a plain ol’ goofy masterpiece. Fresh Prince was kind of deceptive too, I mean, the opening made it seem like the show would always be a not that serious. They constantly dealt with serious issues ranging from racism, to health, to even father abandonment (I’m not gonna lie, that episode was a tear-jerker).

With those two epic openings at number 2, how am I gonna top them? Well, I say I will top it with….

1) Cowboy Bebop

I don’t even really like this show. But I LOVE its opening theme. Really, I’m just a sucker for brass instruments and jazz. Again, like Samurai Champloo it’s so different. I mean, most shows set in the future (esp. anime) tend to have an edgier opening. But this is just plain awesome.

There you have it. My list of favourite openings. Enjoy. And hopefully some of these will spark up some nostalgia for you. I know it did for me as I watched them.



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