a little bit of nerd goes a long way

*Ahem* just  so we are clear, I’m probably going to reveal more of my nerd than I need to. But the upcoming list (which I hope will be up later today) will consist of my top 5 fav. RPG’s. For those of you who don’t play video games. RPG’s stand for Role-Playing Games.

strong hint: FF7 will NOT make the list. For this reason: I have yet to play it, and I’m not all entirely too certain that I want to play it.Don’t know why, but for some reason I don’t.

There maybe a surprise entry on the list. Who knows.



5 thoughts on “a little bit of nerd goes a long way

  1. hansenlung Post author

    haha, I’ve heard that FF7 was kind of overhyped….

    haha, all in all I’m not a big fan of the Final Fantasy series, except for 3 (the actual 3 with the Onion Knight) and VI….which for some reason was III in North America. talk about stupid confusion.

  2. Jerry Bolton

    It was 3 in NA because Square and Ninty only localized 3 of the first 6 (1, 3, and 6) – it would have been too confusing for them to skip numbers. Gamers here didn’t really even know they had missed 2,4,5 until the Internet, mostly.

    That said, I agree that 7 is overhyped. I mean, it was fun, had its moments, but I felt it never really shone like 6. It didn’t have heart like 6 did.

    Catch is, 7 was the first FF most people played, and with no point of reference, I can see why they found it amazing.

  3. hansenlung Post author

    and it was actually 1, 4 and 6. I remember because the SNES FF2 had Cecil the dark knight that became a Paladin. and that was found in 4. Yes, I can be super nerdy when I need to be 😛 haha

    Although I keep on thinking that the actual FF 2 and 3 were actually brought over to NA on the Nintendo. but I could be wrong.


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