oh my blog has been neglected for awhile now hasn’t it.

Much apologies. seriously. It’s ridicucrazy busy right now with all my papers being due pretty soon. But hopefully something will get done, soon, or soonish. after all the papers are finished.

Anyway, a little update I guess is in order.

I’m currently, just for fun, designing an 8 panel gag comic right now. I’m not entirely too sure if I will keep making it past the first comic, but I’ve been wanting to do that again for awhile. When it gets done, I will be sure to give it a scan and post it on here, for all to see.

I don’t have a title for it yet, and my drawings for it are…..pretty simple (seeing as I haven’t done it in so long) but i think it will suit this comic just fine.

Other than that, the weather changes have been driving my immune system crazy.



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