Top 5 fav. video games

So I’ve decided to add my favourite video games. I’m not a huge huge gamer but I do enjoy it. Throughout my years I’ve played many games, some I’ve enjoyed and some not so much. So here are my top 5 favourite games, that I’ve played.

5) Kirby Superstar or most Kirby games for that matter.

I love Kirby. Kirby is awesome, he absorbs powers and so freaking cute. The game is difficult, but not frustratingly so. The controls are easy and straight forward, and the controls are very good.The later games offered like….a billion different powers that you could absorb. It was always fun trying each of them, and of course some were WAY more effective than others. Plus the fact that Kirby turns the enemy he swallows and spits out into stars is also pretty cool.

Normal cute

4) Mario Kart

I LOVE Mario Kart….in any form. Seriously. Its fun. I don’t really have anything else to say.Gameplay is good, the power-ups are so much fun, and the stages are really fun too.

Zoom zoom zoom!

3) Metal Slug

Despite the fact that Metal Slug gives me so much frustration, I still love it anyway. It’s one of  my favourite series ever. and I’m so glad that SNK ported the anthology to the PSP. Now (whenever I get it) I can play it on the go. It’s bullets flying everywhere insanity fun!

blow up the giant crabs-like-things!

2) Disgaea series

This is the first, and only RPG to crack this top 5 list. I really enjoy the character designs, and it’s ridiculously outlandish power-ups + the pretty much unlimited leveling up system. And for some reason I really like the fact that instead of the typical classic JRPG hero (just typically good and without that much of a personality), the Disgaea heroes,…..many of them are anti-heroes with outlandish personalities. Which = a hilariously fun series to play. Plus the Prinnies are hilarious!

Prinnies explode when you throw 'em!

1) Katamari series

I have never really played a game quite like this. You basically have a Katamari, which is a gravitational ball of sorts, and roll over stuff to make islands. Sounds lame but it’s a wacky wacky concept, and it’s so much fun to play. The characters are really funny too. If I ever get a PS2, I’ll be sure to pick up the Katamari games for it. Because it will most likely be fun….definately be fun!

A Katamari in it's full glory 🙂

There you have it, it is my top 5 fav. video games.  I know it’s pretty nerdy, and really the choices for 3-1 are probably way out there. But really, they are so much fun. the Controls are fantastic, and the characters are unique, plus these are games that have a sense of humour, plus if I recall the soundtrack for each game is simply fantastic, which I love. 🙂

Honourable mentions (aka they just missed the cut):

Patapon 2: I never really liked rhythm games, but I found this game fantastic.

Grandia: such a great RPG.

Lunar Silver Star Harmony: Again a great RPG.

Super Mario Bros series: classic awesome.

Monster Hunter: despite all the frustration it gives me because of the camera and slow pace and difficulty, it’s still a fun game with massive amounts of upgrades and whatnot.

Street Fighter and King of Fighters series: Oh man oh man oh man oh man, these 2D fighters are classic, the characters for each are mostly amazing designs (Terry Bogard, Kyo Kusanagi, Fei Long and Ken rock my world haha) the controls are good and its all in all a goood game.



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