My top 5 songs/music videos of ’09/’10

I guess this would eventually come sooner or later. My top 5 favourite songs/music videos of ’09/’10…’s pretty self-explanatory, so here we go!

5) My Red Ball by Mike J

I know that this song/video was meant to be a joke. I love the song, it is hilarious. The fact that mike and his friend were sounding so “thug” while talking about their red ball really just made everything come together so flawlessly.

4) (If you wondering if I want you to) I want you to) – Weezer

This has become one of my favourite songs. it is a fun song, and the video is just fun. The storyline for this video is pretty ridiculous, and the timeline sort of suits the fast-paced swing-ish style of music.

3) I’d Rather be with you – Joshua Radin

I really like this song. I really like Joshua Radin’s voice. It’s so chill.

2) From the Outside – Deepspace 5

I love this song. I love this video. It’s a low budget video with an interesting concept. It’s an excellently produced hip-hop song. You can tell that everyone had so much fun making this video. Deepspace 5 is one of the best crews that no one knows about but everyone that hears them usually loves them. They make really really good music. and this single off of “The future ain’t what it used be” is definately no exception.

1) Won’t even start – David Choi

This video has a certain charm to it. It’s from a small film group called Wong Fu productions. It’s low budget, but it’s so clean and professional looking. It essentially has “no frills”. The song is catchy, and the story-line is very clear. The people chosen for this video were picked correctly. It’s a refreshing video that isn’t using sex to sell it. It is a video that highlights the talent of the musician and the song itself.



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