Some observations from a sunglasses kiosk

It’s wierd, when you work by yourself for several hours a day…in the middle of the mall it gives you an opportunity to people watch.  What I noticed is that some people (older and younger) put so much emphasis on the brand name. It’s interesting that when they find out that we don’t have Oakleys, or Raybans, or whatever other sunglasses brand there is they will often turn up their head in disgust, or say thanks with a voice almost either disappointment mixed with shock.

I can understand the desire to spend a little extra cash on brand names, because sometimes the quality is better, and sometimes the look is better. But over 200 dollars on a little piece of plastic to go over your eyeballs? really? actually, unless it’s an entire suit, I’m not sure I could justify spending over 200 dollars on any other piece of clothing.

For some people, just by their facial expression, it’s like what defines them is how many brand names they can put onto their body (does that statement sound wierd?). It’s like their entire face says (when they look at the prices for our glasses) “What will people think of me if they saw me NOT wearing 200 dollar glasses?”

Now I’m not out of the clear here either. Sometimes I catch myself thinking/believing that the brands I have, or brands I wear or whatever defines who I am. I sometimes believe that the money I spend on clothing indicates my worth and my position in life.  Forgetting that it is the Cross of Christ that defines who I am, that it is His Grace that gives me my worth and my position in life. Forgive me Jesus, for seeking the approval of man, instead of taking joy in You. Forgive me for judging others for seeking to find their worth in expensive brand names, when I do the same. Continue to remind me, continue to bring me back to the Cross of Christ. Amen



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