My top 5 video game theme songs.

I love soundtracks. If anything I LOVE video game theme songs, the reason for this is most likely because it is very rare that i hear really bad themes. I hear forgettable ones, but nothing really horrible. Now this list is definately not definitive, in fact most likely I’ll probably end up making another one (like a just missed the cut list or something) but here are my top 5 (loose) video game theme songs.

5) The Final Fantasy Prelude

This I think, is the definitive final fantasy music for me. Everytime I hear it, I know I am playing final fantasy. I love how relaxing it is,  how dreamlike (fantasy like….) it is. With this prelude, Square-enix is announcing to those that are playing “You are about to be sucked into a massive magical world, where you are the hero trying to save the entire planet from a maniacal madman. So level up and save it.”

4) Mega Man II theme

I admit, I have never actually beaten a mega man game. Yet I grew up on them, I was never any good at them. But I did love the theme. Everytime I heard it, for some reason I would forget why I hated the game…and then I played it, and then I remembered. haha. The music, in all it’s 8bit glory, was designed to get the adrenaline pumping, and that it did. 🙂

3) Double Dragon

Everytime I hear this theme I know I am in for some serious electronic, programmed fun. I mean, the song just screams “I am full of action, and awesome!” One of the best songs, for one of the best games (though not one of my favourites) ever. Love it.

2) Tetris

bet you didn’t see this one coming. I’m not sure what you can say about this theme. All I know is, everytime I hear it, I start picturing tetris blocks falling and begin to imagine the full lines disappearing. And for the most part I think that is what makes a truly unforgettable video game theme, something that can conjure up images from a game that hasn’t been played in years. Classic. So Classic.

1) Legend of Zelda

I had a hard time choosing what would be number 1. It was pretty difficult to choose between super mario, or the legend of zelda. In the end this won out simply because it’s so much more epic. It’s like a theme that would be played before an epic movie (like Braveheart). It just conjures up a sense of adventure, danger, drama, and excitement. PS: Check out Rabbitjoints version, it’s pretty awesome too.

There you have it, my list of top 5 favourite video game themes. Again, it’s not my definitive list, because Out of the ones that weren’t on here, they could honestly be changed with any of them (The Street Fighter II world warrior theme for instance) so I may do another list….”the remix” or something.

What are your favourite theme songs?



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