Day 03 – Your views on drugs and alcohol

So there are two ways I can go with this. It is obvious, however, that when the topic of drugs comes up, it isn’t about the over counter tylenol or nyquil meds. It never is. The context of “drugs” is always about the illegal substances. However, that doesn’t make the over the counter stuff, not as addictive, or not as abused. Illegal substances are illegal for a reason, however that doesn’t make over the counter legal meds not as addictive. I believe anyone seeking a high or a buzz, or whatever can do it with legal medication (and at a cheaper rate as well).

I feel like I got off topic there. Ok, I don’t agree with the use of drugs (and in the case of the legal kind, the abuse of them), it doesn’t change the fact that I am called to love those that are stuck in that. It doesn’t change the fact that, like me, they are also sinners in desperate need of Grace, Mercy, Love and Freedom.

It’s the same with alcohol, I’m alright with alcohol. I drink beer once in a while. Sometimes my dad, or my friends and I will drink sake while at a sushi restaurant. But again, it can be abused. I’m alright with a drink once in a while, I’m never alright with getting drunk. Again, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m called to love them with the same fierce unconditional love that Jesus loves me with.

It’s not like they are worse off than me in the sin department. The only difference that we have (which admittedly is a large difference) is that Jesus saved me and have not yet saved them. Again, not on my merit…which if I were to be honest, I have none of my own that would please Him. I am like the drunk, or the drug addict, I have my own addictions that by His Grace I am being freed from. I have created things that completely own me,  that by His fierce love and incredible sacrifice and glorious victory, He is freeing me from.

I need Jesus, just as much as the next person. I need His Grace and fierce love, just as much as the drug addicted or the partying alcoholic. I am no different….just a sinner, saved by Grace. A broken pot being repaired by the Gracious hand of the potter.


PS: I apologize if this was a little incoherent. I’m a little food comatose. I apologize if it isn’t understandable, but I hope that you are encouraged, or challenged by it.


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