Day 08 – A moment where you felt most satisfied with your life.

hm, this one is a hard one. If I were to be honest, the times where I feel most satisfied is when I spend time with my dear friends, or spend time with Jesus…and a combination of the two w/food. haha.

I don’t know, I enjoy doing many things, but I don’t think I can necessarily say that I am satisfied with what I do. But the times where I have the most joy is when I am with a small group of my friends, talking life, hanging out, travelling, laughing loud and/or eating food. That is when I feel the most satisfied, because the privilege to do five with incredible friends is truly a blessing indeed. I don’t think I ever dreamed about having friends as amazing as I have now. Friends from all over Canada (Miss you all by the way!), a dear friend in Vancouver, and several of them here in PTBO, Toronto, and Mississauga. I am truly truly blessed, and am amazed you all have stuck with me for this long.

So thank you, because I get great satisfaction hearing about your lives, laughing with you, eating with you, and just talking with you. And thank you Jesus, for putting so many stellar people in my life. I don’t know how I could get through it without them.



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