Day 12-bullet your whole day

alrighty then, here goes:

-woke up at 8:30 am and stayed in bed till 9:30ish

-drove my mom to work at around 9:40ish

-ate breakfast at around 10

-got called into work ASAP at around 10:30

-took a shower, shaved and dressed for work starting at 10:40

-arrived at work for 11:30

-worked until 2:20 and took a 30minute lunch break

-at lunch break booked off the morning of Dec 10th for grad photos, and booked off Dec 15th for the ROM. Also switched shifts at Payless for that same day (15th) because of going to the ROM

-went back to work at 2:50

-worked until 5:00

– drove home, getting ready for hub group at 7:00 tonight

-was in hub group, had awesome discussion on prodigal God, ate cookies and drank tea.

– gave gifts to the 358 dublin girls, watched most of them scream in delight at the softness of the blanket.

-laughed long and loud because of awesome pictures

-finishing the day by eating a very delicious smelling banana chocolate chip muffin.



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