Day 15 – Your favourite blogs.

Yay! It’s another list. Expect to see another one today at some point. At least that is my intention, but i will make no promises. Because sometimes life happens. Still though, Thank you all for reading this blog. Though I do not know who most of you are. Thank you for taking the time out of your life just to get a small glimpse into mine. Hope your day is swell! 🙂

So day 15 – Your favourite blogs

Ok, I have a lot of blogs that I have bookmarked. Most of them are my friends blogs. But there are some that aren’t. As a rule, I try to go on all of them at least once every couple of days to see if it has been updated. (some of you do a bad job of updating by the way….but we can still be friends 🙂 ) haha. Here is the list of blogs I go visit on an almost daily basis. because of I love reading them so much. Due to a mix of thoughtful insights, reflections, humour and whatnot. I am thankful that Jesus gave them the talent and openness to put what they put over the internet, it is quite the encouragement and challenge at times.

The Battle Cry – This blog is my dear friend, Dan Hsu’s blog. His blog (when he updates) tends to make me laugh, but more importantly, it often challenges me to make deeper, more honest, reflections on my life. I am very thankful to have him as a close brother, and am quite blessed to have served with him in East Asia (both as students, and then as interns). Miss you bro! I will make the Vancouver trip happen….or you can make an Ontario trip!

Of First Importance – This little blog is just daily excerpts and quotes from various sources just talking about the wonderful work of the Gospel and ALL it does for us. It’s wonderful because it reminds me that the Cross isn’t only for Salvation, but the Cross has SO many more beautiful sides to it.

DJ’s Wonder Blog – This is one of the blogs that isn’t updated too often, but when it is there is just SO much content. I find that I can’t get through an entry in one sitting. It’s just a wonderful reminder of God’s Grace and Mercy towards us.

There you have it, my favourite blogs. I honestly thought the list would have been bigger, considering there are many blogs that I do go to. I bet I am missing some. But as of this moment, those three are the ones that I enjoy reading the most. Because of the honesty, the challenges, and encouragements.



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