Day 16 – your views on mainstream music

As with the last time I took a two day break, I am going to do a second post. So lucky readers you get a double feature once again! Hooray!

Day 16 – Your views on mainstream music.

I honestly have no problem with it. Will I listen to some songs that are considered “mainstream”? yes. There is good music to be found out there. not all popular music is bad. Some are horrible (Ke-dollar sign-ha being an example) and in the end don’t say anything new or enlightening, but I do admit that some of the mainstream music (with 90 percent of it being mindless clubbing music that follows the same formula*) is incredibly catchy. Some are positively earworm-ish**. Sometimes finding good mainstream music takes time, and other times good mainstream music is right in front of your face (Michael Buble being an example). But like the underground scene there are artists that are really horrible and there are artists who are total gems. It’s just a matter of sifting through all that music.


* I think this song pretty much explains the phenomena that is clubbing music and it’s lyrical and musical formula.

**an earworm is defined as an irritatingly catchy tune


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