Day 17 – Your highs and lows of this past year

This year, unlike most years, has been even-keel to say the least. There hasn’t been really huge highs, or deep lows. Some of the highs that I have had this year would be (in no real particular order): Graduating from University (finally!), Applying to teach ESL in Korea, Going to see Wicked, seeing friends get married, cooking for friends, making cherry-wood smoked salmon in the summer on the BBQ (for the record, it was so good!), going to the AGO and seeing the King Tut exhibit and most importantly finally realizing that “Jesus loves me as I am now, and not some future version of me” and having that phrase just penetrate deeply into my soul.

Some of my lows for this year are (also in no particular order): doing summer school to graduate University. Although to be fair, History of Witchcraft was an alright course…but come on, it’s summer school, no one likes the summer schooling. Not being able to go to Korea at my ideal time. Finally, for much of the year this past year, it has felt like I was walking through a spiritual desert. It didn’t help that I was spiritually apathetic for most of the year as well. I just didn’t care about Jesus, I didn’t want to listen to what He was talking about. I just wanted to live life for me…and when I live life for me, I do stupid things, not arrest worthy stupid things. But I tend to waste my life when I worship myself.

My highs and lows of the past year. I hope you enjoyed looking into a part of a year in my life that is very much, I believe, to be in a transitional stage. Not only in terms of making life decisions, but I also believe spiritually as well. I can only thank Jesus for that.




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