Day 18 – Your Beliefs

I think I wrote about this on the day that I talked about my views on religion. So I probably won’t go into too much detail, except on things that I believe need to be addressed. Not so much as to prove my point, but also as a reminder to myself.

Day 18- Your beliefs

I believe in the God of the Bible. The one that is found in both the Old and New Testament. I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus saved me, not on my own merit (because if I were being honest I don’t actually have any), but because He so desired to. In order to restore a relationship with God, Jesus had to die. To quote Tim Keller “The fact that Jesus had to die for me humbled me out of my pride. The fact that Jesus was glad to die for me assured me out of my fear.” I am assured because Jesus was glad to die for me, I can’t even begin to fathom that. The only thing I can do is be thankful and praise Him, follow Him…and even then that is not enough. It can never be enough.

I believe in Jesus because He loves me as I am now and not some future version of me. That doesn’t mean I go do whatever I want, rather it means He doesn’t expect me to reach His standard of righteousness in order to commune with Him. Instead, like a Great surgeon, He (oftentimes) painfully makes deep incisions to remove broken, cancerous parts of my heart and heals it. So that, little by little, our relationship can be restored. He knows where to cut, when to cut and how deep to cut. For that I am forever thankful. I am thankful that it is okay to not be okay, but it’s not alright to stay there.

I believe that the Gospel is completely life changing and life giving. I believe that, unlike religion, it truly changes from the inside out. I believe that it mends relationships, heals bitterness, loves fiercely and deeply. I haven’t even begun scratching the surface of the beautiful jewel that is the Cross. There are so many sides to it. I often forget that what the Cross did for me doesn’t end at the point of Salvation. Rather it is far reaching and it is very much central to life change.

I believe everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, I own…isn’t actually my own. I think that God has given us stuff to use wisely and for His glory, not our own.

I could go on for quite some time. But to sum it up, I believe in the  Jesus found in the Bible. The Jesus who loves, is just and shows mercy and grace with such an intense ferocity that it is absolutely magnificent. It is humbling that He had to die for us, and fear destroying that He was glad to die for us.



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