Day 19 – Disrespecting your parents.

Wow, I just want to say, I’m on day, freaking, 19. After this 30 day, I’ll take a small break and begin another 30 day blogging challenge! Hooray! For those of you who have stuck with it this long. And hopefully you’ll be gearing up to read another 30 day challenge. And once again Thank you for continuing to read. I hope it has been entertaining, encouraging and maybe even challenging at times. If it hasn’t been any of those three, I apologize.

Day 19 – Disrespecting your parents

I don’t really understand the context of this topic. I mean is it about my views on disrespecting my parents. Is it asking whether I did, have or still do disrespect my parents. Am I being questioned on how I have disrespected my parents?  If it was meant to be all three…..then yes?

I think when I was younger (think teens) I disrespected them more. I got to a certain age (*ahem*thirteen*ahem*) and thought that I saw everything correctly. I thought I was all that, and I knew everything, that I knew myself. I thought my parents were only there to keep me from having fun, because they wanted to teach me “responsibilities.” I thought that they were old fashioned, because they were teaching me to hold open doors for people, to allow women to go first, to treat women properly and not like an object. The more I think about it, the more I am thankful that my parents raised me the way they did. They taught me much, even in those years that I was all full of arrogance. An attitude that probably deserved a smackdown of sorts. They taught me to be responsible, while balancing it out with fun. They raised me as best as they could in an imperfect and broken world. They raised me well despite their and my brokeness. I am thankful to Jesus for them. They are a blessing.

I do not honestly know where to take this one. so as to not make this entry seem contrived, I’ll leave it as it is. Short, honest, simple. I love my parents, I am thankful for how they have raised me. I am thankful that for the most part they knew when to allow me to have freedom and when to say no. I am thankful that they were for my joy and they didn’t want to impede upon it. I am thankful for what they have done. And even though sometimes (often) we disagree (due to our three very distinct personalities, and life experiences) I am still thankful for them.



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