Day 20 – How important do you think education is

I think education is important. However I do not believe that it is the most important thing in life. I think that it is a benefit, and it can be life changing, but education does not give answers to all of life’s questions. Education gives us information, but it doesn’t change our hearts. I hope you aren’t hearing me say that education is unnecessary. Because I’m not. I believe education is necessary. But it is not the ultimate. However, more so than I believe the power education has to change, I believe that it is Jesus that uses this education to change.

However that doesn’t mean that those with less/little/no education are lesser than I am. That is far from the truth (although with all honesty, I have a tendency to look down upon those people). I don’t purposely look down upon them, but the way that I treat them, the way my body language and voice changes around them, is a pretty good indication that I do.

Jesus, I pray that You transform my heart so that I love them with Your fierce love and Grace. I pray that You give me Your heart of justice, so that serving them is like serving you. In your beautiful name, Amen.


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