Day 21- One of your favourite shows.

I have a few shows that I really enjoy. One of them is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (classic 80’s – ’96 version), another is the Justice League cartoon show, and then of course there is the Animaniacs and the classic Batman the animated series (looooove it).

But for this entry I would have to say that my favourite show would have to be the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I really enjoy the show because it shows such a wide range of emotions, and storylines. There’s comedy and drama. There are shows about ridiculous things, and serious things like racism, and father abandonment. In fact, one of my favourite episodes was when Will’s father came back to visit him. I think that’s one of the first times I actually straight up bawled over a tv show.

Here’s the clip of the ending of the episode. The episode is called Papa’s got a brand new excuse. and this is from the end of the episode where Will’s father visits him, and abandons him again after planning a summer trip. I watched the clip again…and cried.



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