Day 28 – something that you miss

Wow, well I didn’t blog for several days. And really I don’t have any good reason why it didn’t happen. Life just happened, and then i got sick…and then I read over the last three topics and they stumped me. haha. Even now, with this topic I’m not entirely sure what to put.

If I were to be honest I would say one thing that I miss would be my brothers and sisters that I adventured with in East Asia, both as a student and as an intern. It would also be the men and women I got to see and hear about come to know Jesus on the EA university campuses. I keep in touch with a few of them, but the deepest part in my heart yearns to see them. I can hear about how they have grown in love in Christ, but a part of me just desires to eat, laugh, talk and pray with them face to face. I am honored that Jesus chose me to be part of it for two years, I am incredibly blessed that He allowed me to see His work, His hands transform hearts and change lives. Not only the lives of those that did not know Him, but even the lives of those that did. It was incredible to see the lessons that He taught to me and to others. Even if I don’t see my EA brothers and sisters again in this lifetime, I know that we will celebrate and worship together later on. And I am looking forward to that. Standing together proclaiming “This is what Christ did…” I can’t wait.



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