It’s the final day!

WOW! I finally hit day 30 of this first 30 day blog challenge! I’m finished! That’s so crazy. For those that have kept up with all (or a majority) of the posts. Thank you. To those that knew me before I began writing this thing, well, you now know me just a little bit better. or something like that. I think that the topic for the final day is rather fitting. It is another list…no not a silly one. Rather the topic is my highs and lows for this month. Now I know that I didn’t actually finish this in a month. If you take into account the days that I took a break, more likely I finished this in a month and a half or a bit. So I will go with that. And without further delay here is the final topic:

Day 30 – your highs and lows of the month (and a half…or a bit)


-becoming an uncle a few days before Christmas đŸ˜€

-getting a new Canon DSLR camera + pretty sweet looking single shoulder bag carrying case

-getting a signed copy of J.I packers “knowing God”

-going to see the Terracotta exhibit and other exhibits at the ROM and eating fantastic food afterwards.


– essentially being frozen on the application process for teaching ESL in Korea. (one out of two reference letters….even though I contacted four (FOUR!) people about it, and the RCMP is really behind in the whole police check thing)

Wow, I honestly thought that there would be more lows. but that is the only thing that comes to my mind. It was the only event that was/is incredibly frustrating. However, it is something that is quite out of my control. I trust that Jesus put the everything back into motion, in His time, and not mine.

As for the highs, I’m in awe at how incredibly blessed I am. I am thankful for a wonderful family and incredible friends. I’m thankful that Jesus has used them to grow me, love me, encourage me, challenge me (to step up, to grow up), call me out on things, to laugh with and at me.

So there you have it. The final post of the first 30 day list. I’m probably going to take a break and begin a new one in the new year. Prior to starting it, I’ll post the list of all the topics so that you, dear readers, know what you are getting into.



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