Day 1: New Challenge, same ol’ same ol’

Today is the start of the brand new 30 day challenge. To get myself into it, I decided to start off with a topic that I’ve done in my past 30 day challenge. And that is list [insert number here] interesting facts about yourself. Hence why it’s same ol’ same ol’. However the topic is a little different because of the added bonus of a recent picture. As well as having the interesting facts be cut in half. Now the problem with the last one, at least according to some of my friends, I will admit to this myself, is that they were rather shallow…and really didn’t tell people much about who I am, rather just told people about what I’ve done (many of the points were food or travel related). I admit, I don’t find myself all too interesting, but I will try to reveal more of who I am in these 15, instead of what I’ve done and such. So to kick things off here is topic number one:

A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

That is Alphonse, the plush reindeer that I got at my place of working

1) I listen to all kinds of music, but the genres that make me the most emotional are hiphop (provided the lyrics are amazing) and instrumental

2) Despite how energetic I can get, my preference for a fun time is just a nice relaxing time reading, or just chilling out with friends.

3) For three or four years, I struggled and wrestled heavily with the whole topic of predestination and free-will in relation to God’s omnipotence. In a way, I still do.

4) At times, (though admittedly not as bad or as frequently as before) I question  whether or not I am in Christ, or I have somehow managed to believe in a lie.

5) When I am in uncomfortable situations (read: awkward situations) I tend to either get a deadpan face, or laugh.

6) I like reading comic books

7) I want to either be a pastor or serve in the Church in a full time ministry setting

8) I finish hot drinks way too quickly

9) I like chocolate, but I do not like candy

10) I enjoy having adventures in other countries, or even in other parts of this country. Hopefully going to Korea very soon.

11) Sometimes books (depending on the subject matter or storylines) make me weep.

12) I only enjoy singing in a corporate group setting….or in a KTV room with friends

13) I like climbing trees in the summer, finding a comfortable nook to sit in and relax, just soaking in the magnificence of the things (man-made or nature) around me.

14) Apparently I can nap rather comfortably…. almost anywhere

15) I love riding in airplanes, but I constantly get airsick. On the other hand, I’m not a huge fan of boats….but I don’t get boatsick.

Things that made me smile today:

-meeting old acquaintances at the gym and catching up on life

-father-son conversations where the father is giving lessons on treating public places with respect, as if it were your own (in this case: the Y)

-good hiphop music (Deepspace 5, AMPmovement etc)

-meeting friends for good food and good message 🙂



2 thoughts on “Day 1: New Challenge, same ol’ same ol’

  1. Mike

    Love the moose, it is very you. Also liking the new “things that make me smile” section. We definitely get too caught up in the bad stuff that happens all the time and ignore the good. Its nice to be reminded every once in a while that good things do happen 🙂


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