It’s just shattered pieces being put together

Day 5 – the meaning behind your WordPress name.

One of the more anticipated topics for me (well, I suppose I want to do all these topics because I did create this list) was this one. I did at one point explain why I chose “Broken, In Repair” as the name of my blog. However, if you, dear reader, joined in at a later time and did not want to cycle through the old blog posts. Well, the reason why I chose the name would have been left a mystery. Also, with another year finished, I am hoping that the title for me becomes more real.

The reason why I chose “Broken, in Repair” as my blog title is rather quite simple. I strongly believe that each of us, including myself, is a broken individual. Now I don’t mean broken like a physical break. But rather there is something inherently out of…for lack of better word, rhythm, within us. It is shown within the news, reality shows, within history, how we think/look at the people around us (neighbors, strangers, friends and family) and even how we view ourselves. And so, in our own effort to restore this broken…fractured, rhythm we design for ourselves ways to give us fulfillment (meditation, charity-giving, religion etc.), or pursue things that we think will give us happiness (money, boy/girlfriend, parties etc.). However, what happens when the things we thought would fulfill…the things we thought would bring us happiness…fails? Where do we go to next?

I believe that, even if we do not recognize it nor do we even care to see it, it doesn’t change that fact that we are fractured individuals, in how we live with each other, how we live in our environment, and more importantly, in how we view and worship spiritual/non-spiritual things. As a Christian, I believe that this fracture is caused by our pride…our desire to become like God. I believe that this pride, was the cause of this fracture and the root cause of sin. Ever since the Fall, we’ve been looking for ways to repair our shattered souls, we’ve been looking for ways to restore right rhythm in our lives. I also believe that our toil and effort to restore this rhythm, can lead to failure after failure. So if our solutions don’t work what else is left? Again, as a Christian, I believe God has the answer, and His name is Jesus.

Now I’m not saying that all those that do not believe in Jesus are all emo or depressed, goal-less, unhappy people. In fact, I know some people that do not know Jesus, I have met people that do not know, or had not heard of Jesus that were incredibly happy or satisfied. But with Jesus, I believe that our satisfaction can be much deeper. I believe our enjoyment can be that much greater. When Jesus helps us understand why/how created things can bring about enjoyment/worship of Himself, everything becomes that much more real.

Of course I’m not saying that once you believe and follow Jesus, everything will be all perfect in your life, that suddenly you will stop sinning, that you will be blessed with health and wealth. Please do not read that. In fact, I don’t believe that. Sometimes when a person believes and follows Jesus, they get killed. Sometimes they get sick. Sometimes they continually fail in overcoming their vices. Sometimes….well you get the picture. Following Jesus, does not get you a free pass from suffering. What we do get is a God that suffers with us.

We get a God that doesn’t call us to get clean before we are accepted by Him, no we get a God that calls us His own even while we are wallowing in our own mess.

We get a God that performs surgery on our hearts and cuts out cancerous, bitterly black, lumps of hardened flesh and gives us hearts of strongly compassionate, merciful, fiercely loving flesh.

We get a God that slowly, lovingly restores and heals our fractured rhythm. He, like an expert potter, slowly puts the pieces back together in the right places. So that right rhythmic relationship can be restored to our environment, to each other, and most importantly, to God.

I am a broken individual, being restored by the Grace of God. He takes the shattered pieces of me, and because of His death and Resurrection, continues to heal me. As He does for so many others worldwide today.

That is the meaning behind my blog name. I’m just a guy being healed by Grace.


Things that made me smile:

– seeing friends being back from their holiday break

– working at Payless (yes I enjoy working there too)

– an Everything Bagel with cream cheese and tomatoes from Tim Hortons

– a good cup of coffee


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