Unique, just like everyone else.

Day 08 –  What makes you different from everyone else.

This is quite the question. How do you answer a question like this without sounding arrogant, or without sounding so self-deprecating. To be honest, I’ve been thinking about how I should tackle this question. Every time I thought of a quality that made me unique amidst the groups I hang out in I could think of other people within that group that had the same qualities…but only more noticeable.

My friends say that I often sell myself short, and maybe I do. In truth, I don’t really see anything unique about me. I don’t see anything about me that makes me different from everyone else…from the people I meet, and the ones that I hang around with. If anything, I think to get a better picture of what makes me different, you would have to talk to my friends and peers. I know that I do not see myself with clear eyes, I like to either see myself as better than I am or worse than I am. There really isn’t any middle ground. The lenses in which I see myself are clouded at best, and absolutely delusional at worst. So yeah, I don’t really know what makes me so different. To use a well-worn cliche “I’m unique, just like everyone else.”


Things that made me smile:

– working out

– having friends come visit me at work, even if it seemed random. It was good.

– sushi with the ‘rents

– deep-fried tempura ice-cream. So interesting, but so good!


One thought on “Unique, just like everyone else.

  1. tim

    boooooo! booo-urns! you wimped out!
    you could have talked about your giant head!

    …although to be fair, i know a few people with giant heads….and it so happens i’m related to most of them. hmmmm.


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