Day 11 – a picture of someone/something that has had the biggest impact on you

Alright,I’m back, again. Sorry for the delay. Life has gotten a little busier, and this topic was somewhat difficult to answer. I was thinking that I would have multiple pictures to illustrate each stage of my life and explain how each picture of something/someone impacted it. Instead I’m going to do two pictures of impactful things/people.

I mentioned this in previous posts, but when I was younger I loved comic books. And even now, I still enjoy reading them. My favourite superhero, then as it is now is Superman.

Superman’s personality/origin hasn’t changed much over the years; which according to most people is kinda boring. The character had a big impact on me, because of what he stands for. Where other’s have latched onto the idea of Arthurian chivalry, or Japanese samurai honor. Superman’s character is always portrayed as one that looks only for the best in people (no matter the social class, or even if they are enemies). He is all about truth, freedom, and human dignity. That’s how I aspired to be, and it was a nice reminder that Jesus lived that way too.

The picture I am going to put up is a person that has recently (the past couple of years) made a large impact on how I see Jesus, the world, and theology in general (which if you think about it, shapes how I see the world and Jesus…and vice versa).

Matt Chandler is the pastor of the Village Church. Now I have never actually personally met him…or been to the church he teaches at. However, God has/continues to use Matt’s messages to convict me in how I see the world, how I see other people, how I see myself and most importantly how I see Jesus. It hasn’t just been his messages he teaches on Sunday that have made an impact. It has also been the way he conducts his life. In the face of a brain tumour he can still say that “Jesus is more than enough”. His life is consistent with what he teaches to his people on Sunday. It’s something I’m rather thankful for, challenged by, and impacted by.



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