Is Jesus more than enough?

“Jesus is more than enough” I have borrowed and kept that phrase ever since I heard Matt Chandler say it in the midst of finding out he had a brain tumour, and through the treatments. I say it to my friends, as an encouragement. I say it to myself to remind myself of that truth. Despite all of that, it appears that at not just appears, I know, without a doubt, that I do not believe it. It is reflected in my thoughts which then reflect in my actions.

“Jesus is more than enough” is something that I want to live out, and it’s heartbreakingly frustrating that I do not. Sin impedes and distorts that truth. My sin distorts and impedes the truth and beauty of Jesus. And that just kills me.

Jesus, I admit that I don’t always understand you. I admit that I chase other things. Change my heart so that the amazing truth of You being enough settles and grows abundantly within so that I can live it outwardly. With your vibrancy. In your precious and beautiful name, Amen.


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