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Day 13 – what do you think it means to be in love?

I have been stalled on this topic….for AGES. in fact, I don’t know why I even chose this topic to begin with. At one point I had an idea of where I wanted to take this. And now? I don’t even feel like answering it. So instead here’s some videos from youtube, parodying Justin Beiber’s new movie “Never Say Never”:

and D.Choi line dancing

At some point, I’ll probably do a post about this topic. but not for a 30 day challenge. It will most likely be a spur of the moment type post, when I’ve had time to sift through cultural influences, get free from the lies I have bought into. I know I can talk about what I think it means to be in love, but I don’t want to just spout my own opinions (which tends to change year by year…for the most part). I want to talk about what the Bible says…but I want to talk about it when Jesus has changed my heart and thought processes on this topic. Admittedly it has been changing, but rather slowly. And I still find myself chasing after the hollywood definition instead of the Biblical one, far more frequently than I would like. So until the Holy Spirit changes me to a point where I feel comfortable to talk about this topic, I’m just going to….not post it for the world to see.


Day 12- someone you are protective of

Wow, I’ve been slacking off at this 30 day challenge. not even a little bit. but I’ve been a major slack at it. *sigh* I had so much momentum going into it too.

hm, I don’t know how to answer this question. which is probably why I hadn’t written one in a while. this has left me stumped. seriously.

If I were to answer, I would have to say I’m far more protective of my female friends than I am of my guy friends. Which is how I’ve been raised. and I’m fine with that. Of course that doesn’t mean that my female friends can’t defend/protect themselves or they can’t protect their hearts as much/well as my guy friends. In fact, for the most part, many of my female friends know far more than my guy friends the importance of protecting their hearts. And yet, I still want to protect them. Like I said before, that’s just how I’ve been raised. I have my parents to thank for that. I don’t say that sarcastically. I’m quite serious. I also have had many older men in my life that instilled that desire in me. And for that I am also thankful.


Day 11 – a picture of someone/something that has had the biggest impact on you

Alright,I’m back, again. Sorry for the delay. Life has gotten a little busier, and this topic was somewhat difficult to answer. I was thinking that I would have multiple pictures to illustrate each stage of my life and explain how each picture of something/someone impacted it. Instead I’m going to do two pictures of impactful things/people.

I mentioned this in previous posts, but when I was younger I loved comic books. And even now, I still enjoy reading them. My favourite superhero, then as it is now is Superman.

Superman’s personality/origin hasn’t changed much over the years; which according to most people is kinda boring. The character had a big impact on me, because of what he stands for. Where other’s have latched onto the idea of Arthurian chivalry, or Japanese samurai honor. Superman’s character is always portrayed as one that looks only for the best in people (no matter the social class, or even if they are enemies). He is all about truth, freedom, and human dignity. That’s how I aspired to be, and it was a nice reminder that Jesus lived that way too.

The picture I am going to put up is a person that has recently (the past couple of years) made a large impact on how I see Jesus, the world, and theology in general (which if you think about it, shapes how I see the world and Jesus…and vice versa).

Matt Chandler is the pastor of the Village Church. Now I have never actually personally met him…or been to the church he teaches at. However, God has/continues to use Matt’s messages to convict me in how I see the world, how I see other people, how I see myself and most importantly how I see Jesus. It hasn’t just been his messages he teaches on Sunday that have made an impact. It has also been the way he conducts his life. In the face of a brain tumour he can still say that “Jesus is more than enough”. His life is consistent with what he teaches to his people on Sunday. It’s something I’m rather thankful for, challenged by, and impacted by.


Back to our regular programming

Day 10 – Most inspiring Asian.

This topic was submitted by Andrew Tan Wei Aun. When I first saw this topic from him I thought that it would be easy to answer. However as the day of the topic drew closer, I realized that this topic would be a little more difficult to answer than I first anticipated. You see, there are a few Asian people that inspire me, but there are only a few amongst those few that “inspire” me. You know what I mean? It’s like, I can be inspired by the food artistry and creativity of Masaharu Morimoto, but his work doesn’t inspire me to pursue a career in a kitchen as a professional chef. For me, being inspired means that I am willing to pursue with everything that I have. And so, with that definition in mind, I had to ask myself “Does this man (or woman) make me want to pursue something, live better etc.” Essentially the question is “Does this person make me want to take action.” And if the answer is essentially a no, then I cross them off my list. So the people I have crossed off the list are: Masaharu Morimoto, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Hung Huynh (Top Chef season 3 winner), MC Jin, Kevin Wu (KevJumba), Wongfu Productions, David Choi, Nigahiga, and a few others. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate them, in fact I love them all. Masaharu Morimoto being one of my favourite chefs because of his artistry in the kitchen. KevJumba, Wongfu, and Nigahiga are hilarious. D.Choi is incredibly talented, as is MC Jin. And Jackie, Bruce and Jet are legends in the film industry. However, though all of them are incredible and talented, they just haven’t inspired me into a genuinely passionate pursuit. And although I enjoy cooking, martial arts, and vlogging/blogging, I was never interested enough at it to pursue it as a full fledged career.

The Asians that inspire me most into action are the men and women of faith that I have met, read about, or even heard about. They are men and women who understand, desire and seek above all else: Jesus…even at the possible loss of their life or “freedom.” Men like Francis Chan, who left growing fame and recognition and a secure job (as pastor of Cornerstone), to pursue Jesus. That inspires me to take action, but at the same time it does fill me with dread. Not because I hate change, I don’t hate change. I can deal with that. In fact sometimes I embrace it. But rather it’s because the call to sacrifice what I find comfortable,safe and known is something I would rather not do. The call to give my entire life to God and not be in control of even a tiny bit of it…yeah, it’s frightening. I would be lying if I said that I can do that with great joy, and I’m singing praises and dancing, clapping and being all “hallelujah! sing it!”. Because I can’t. Because there are sometimes, some instances, that don’t allow for loud, vocal praises. However, even in moments where there is wrestling, doubt, regret, tears and other emotions like that. Even in those moments, a statement never rings truer than “Jesus is still good, and He is more than enough.” When I look at the lives of those Asians (Francis Chan, Watchman Nee, Brother Yun, all those that have already died for the Gospel, my brothers and sisters in countries “closed” to the gospel, my C4C brethren etc.) I see much of that statement reflected in their lives. I inspires me to pursue Jesus with everything that I have, and not just speak it from my mouth. But to really grab hold of it and let it shape much of how I make decisions and whatnot.

Sorry Andrew, this may seem like quite the cop-out answer. But I can tell you that this is the truth. I aspire to be like them.The men and women of God who, above all else recognized that Jesus is our beautiful reward and was willing to give all (including their life) to acquire Him. May that be mine (and your) desire as well.


Things that made me smile:

because I didn’t include one in my last post, I think I will include yesterday as well. In no particular order:

– doing floor set at work with people I get along with really well.

– finding a site that has every single season of Top Chef

– working out

– little kids that are unintentionally funny

– working with people that I enjoy being around

– having a dream about me cooking

– getting multiple compliments on the uniqueness of my name

Let’s pull a switch

Day 09 – If you could switch places with anyone for one week, who would it be and why

note: pictures of the people I want, or wanted to switch places with will be posted at the bottom of the entry.

This one took awhile to think of. At first, I was thinking maybe I would like to switch places with Georges “Rush” St.-Pierre, but then I decided against it. This is due to the fact that, though I do like watching the occasional MMA event and GSP is my favourite mixed martial artist. I don’t think I would want to switch places with him though.

Instead, I think I would want to switch places with either Masaharu Morimoto (Iron Chef) or Guy Fieri (Diners, Drive-ins and dives) for two completely different reasons. I would want to switch with Masaharu Morimoto because of his incredible artistry in the kitchen. I’m not talking about the quality of food (which undoubtedly would be amazing) but how he makes food look like art.

Here is a video of a dish he made for Iron Chef: Battle Asparagus. It is a “stained-glass” sushi. The presentation is found 8:26 into the video. It is an absolutely beautiful piece of food, and from the sounds of the judges it tasted rather amazing as well.

Simply put, I would love to learn how to make sushi, and food in general, as beautiful and delicious as him.

I would enjoy switching places with Guy Fieri because he gets to travel around the USA eating at little restaurants that aren’t necessarily well-known but are popular. The restaurants that are shown on his show, “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” maybe little independently owned restaurants but the food that they make look absolutely AMAZING. Switching places with Guy would be fun because I would get to travel and eat food. two of the things I enjoy. 🙂

So by order of the names mentioned, here are the pictures of the people.

1) GSP

UFC Welterweight champ Georges "Rush" St - Pierre

2) Masaharu Morimoto

Former Iron Chef Japanese and Current Iron Chef Morimoto. He makes food look like art.

3) Guy Fieri

If I switched places with him. I would do away with the hair. Just not a huge fan of bleach blonde. but he seems so cool!


Things that made me smile:

– getting called into work (hooray for extra hours!)

– being able to joke and laugh genuinely with cheerful customers.

– little kids

Unique, just like everyone else.

Day 08 –  What makes you different from everyone else.

This is quite the question. How do you answer a question like this without sounding arrogant, or without sounding so self-deprecating. To be honest, I’ve been thinking about how I should tackle this question. Every time I thought of a quality that made me unique amidst the groups I hang out in I could think of other people within that group that had the same qualities…but only more noticeable.

My friends say that I often sell myself short, and maybe I do. In truth, I don’t really see anything unique about me. I don’t see anything about me that makes me different from everyone else…from the people I meet, and the ones that I hang around with. If anything, I think to get a better picture of what makes me different, you would have to talk to my friends and peers. I know that I do not see myself with clear eyes, I like to either see myself as better than I am or worse than I am. There really isn’t any middle ground. The lenses in which I see myself are clouded at best, and absolutely delusional at worst. So yeah, I don’t really know what makes me so different. To use a well-worn cliche “I’m unique, just like everyone else.”


Things that made me smile:

– working out

– having friends come visit me at work, even if it seemed random. It was good.

– sushi with the ‘rents

– deep-fried tempura ice-cream. So interesting, but so good!

Day 07 – a song that reflects your day or week and why.

After every new years, without fail, I have the tendency to get into a pensive mood. For my friends, this tends to be a surprise, because they usually are used to me being quite loud (and obnoxiously so), chatty, and generally a smiley type of individual. However, when this mood hits, it is rather noticeable. I’m not as talkative, laughing, or smiling. Sure I smile and laugh, but I don’t think it’ll show in my eyes. It’s just a reflex. I happen to be in one of those pensive moods at the moment. Now it could be just that it’s the winter blah’s. But this has been happening fairly recently (3 or 4 years ago), so it happened shortly after Jesus saved me (Sept 14 2000).

I believe that this time is good for me, it is a time of reflection, a time of prayer and repentance. But it’s also a time of wrestling, questioning, doubting…and undoubtedly it is also a time of frustration. And unquestioningly a time of reminder.

For this time of pensiveness, I have been mainly dwelling, rather I believe God has really been putting on my thoughts, my relationship with Him and how it pertains to spiritual leadership. I’ve been dwelling on how much, and hard, I have so constantly fallen on my face in failure. How I, until very recently, didn’t really take my relationship with Jesus all that seriously. And especially, how I essentially ran away from the responsibility, I believe (and still believe) that He gave to me. And that is to be a Godly, Biblical leader. It is with regret, that I am being pensive, because I know, and I am quite aware just how much of my university life I wasted….making excuses, shirking responsibility, not fully understanding the incredible privilege bestowed upon me (a relationship with my Creator because of the Jesus’ horrible death on the Cross and glorious ressurection). It is with regret, because the university years which could have been used to develop/strengthen God-given spiritual leadership qualities has essentially just been wasted because of my utterly sinful selfishness. Because I did not (and still struggle) to find my identity in Christ, instead I shaped my identity around created things (my future goals, games, music, nostalgic television shows etc.).

Now I did mention that it is a time for reminder, and repentance as well. Just to let you know it hasn’t been all depressing, and full of regret (although, I would be lying if I said that the regret wasn’t large). Because even in that, I am reminded that by His Grace I am His. By His Grace, He will change me. By His Grace, He will strengthen and develop the qualities that will make me become a Godly, Biblical leader. By His Grace, He will change my heart and mind so that I will remember that my identity is found in who He is and what He has done, and not found in a career, or my future goals. By His Grace, I remember that my failures or successes have nothing to do with how God sees me. It’s been a time of regret, and it’s been a time of great joy.

As such the songs, yes plural because there are a few (by the same group) that eerily reflect the pensive mood that I am in. Both in regret, and in joy. Even if you don’t like hip-hop music, please give it a listen…and listen to the words spoken especially.

The first song is called “The Vision” it’s essentially a song about being religious and going to church as a “hobby” instead of having a deep intimate, vibrant relationship with Jesus.

Be still – AMP

The second track is “Be Still” it’s essentially a song about surrendering to God. In all our doubts, worries, arrogance…each verse is very reflective of what I have wrestled with, how I view myself, the pressures I feel, how the state of my heart is. There are actually several lines that stand out. Like this one “I don’t wanna disappoint my parents or deny You. I know that in my weakness, Your power is perfected” And also this one “As I’m sitting patiently waiting for the Lord to speak /Wait a minute, to be honest, I’m too anxious to sit
/Be still and know that He is Lord /My biggest struggle cuz all the time I’m taking matters into my own hands /Like Abraham and Sarah, looking to Hagar to give birth in whats promised /Relying on my own experience and logic /Lord, the passion I had for you has turned to what I do /My eyes are fixed upon the ministry instead of fixed on You”.

Abandon – AMP

This is the final track that has reflected my week. And it has also been my plea, that by His Grace, He can and will be my everything. And that as my idols are revealed to me that, by His Grace, I can break them, that I can abandon them. Because in His Grace, I am truly free to do that.