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some thoughts no.2

1) Was watching some show on Food NetWork and I saw the wierdest edible food invention….almost ever.  Microwavable Pork Rinds. Raise your hand if you have never heard of them *raises hand*. Seriously i don’t think I’ve ever seen them in Canada. And I really hope I never do. Just for your enjoyment, I will now post a video of this foodstuff in action…watching the pigskin expand is almost mesmerizing in a awkward way:

2) I am really enjoying this new season of America’s Best Dance Crew. Last season, I didn’t even really catch any episodes, it was kind of a disappointment, there weren’t any crews that got me excited. And none that I particularly enjoyed. This season there are a few that I am impressed with. All in all, it’s been a pretty good season so far.

3) It seems that once in a while I arrive in the place where I feel spiritually stagnant, and no matter what I try I can’t seem to shake that feeling of stagnation. I feel like I am in that place right now. I know what needs to be done, no question. but in all honesty it feels like my heart is small and desire to get out of this area is weak.

My only hope is the Great Hope. My only salvation from this mess is the One that wrecks me constantly and with His Grace and Love and Discipline, continues to grow me. It may take a while, or it may take an instant…but one constant is that He is always there. No question.


My top 5 fav ABDC dance routines so far

so it is the fifth season of America’s Best Dance Crew, and so I thought that I would post some of my favourite dances from the show. which, I think will be difficult-ish. that being said however, the top 5 will most likely be composed of 4 crews: JabbaWockeez (1st season winner), Kaba Modern (third runner up…though should have either won or been 1st runner up from first season), Quest Crew ( 3rd season winner) and Poreotix (5th season contestant). so where are 2nd and 4th seasons? Well frankly when stacked up against the first and third, and probably 5th, those two just weren’t all that good. There were some good routines (which would probably crack the top 10 for me. But since its top 5, well…..yeah. So without any further ramblings. here are my Top 5 fav ABDC dance routines so far:

5) Kaba Modern – Thriller

Wow, I can’t say much more than that. The tutting was sick, and just every movement was so large and eyecatching…..amazing!

4) Poreotix – Love Story

Ok, I really hope Poreotix does well this season. If this is a preview of what we are getting, me likey very much. Honestly, they are funny, and the fact that they popped n’ locked to Taylor Swift, well thats just makes it even better. And to top it off, the whole VMA thing w/Kanye got added to the routine made it even more funny.

3) Quest Crew- OrQuestra

flipping over two or three people going to the side = amazing! Enough said. really watch the video and be amazed!

2) JabbaWockeez – Lean wit it, Rock wit it

It was really hard to choose which Jabba video to put in, because honestly all of them are so good. I decided on this one because of the part where one of them did a flare and caught a red bandanna, that was amazing.

1) Quest Crew – Hiphop decathalon

Unless some other crew this season completely blows me away, this video will be number 1 for a while. It’s incredible all the things that they do. But I think my favourite part of the whole routine would be the tutting, especially when Hok does it with his fingers. sweet.

Well, I’m looking forward to see how this ABDC season will turn out. There are actually quite a few new crews that I am interested in.