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It’s a bird! No, It’s a plane! It’s…….

Day 03 – My favourite superhero

As I created this list, one of the fun topics that I knew that I would have to put in would be this one. Now it’s no secret that I LOVE superheros and comic books. I grew up on them, heck when I was younger I wanted superpowers. Now I’m not going to go all fanboy on you (although, I’m not entirely too sure I’m knowledgeable enough to actually do that). However if you were to ask me which of the two giant comic book companies that I preferred (Marvel or DC) I would unequivocally say that I enjoy DC superheroes much more. Sure Marvel’s Spider-man and X-men characters are much more human and relate-able, but there’s just something about DC superheroes that are just enjoyable. There is just something about them that stirs up emotions of excitement that Marvel superheroes never could.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Spiderman or other Marvel characters, it’s just that at the end of the day, if I were to choose a collection of comics to read I would choose DC characters.

There are many DC characters that I really enjoy. Some of my favourites include: The Flash (Wally West, but moreso Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan), Batman, Green Arrow and the Blue Beetle. However there is one character that stands head and shoulders above them all. If anything he’s the one that kick started the superhero craze. He’s died once, and come back to life. I would argue that he is probably one of the most iconic characters DC has. He is none other than Superman.

Alex Ross has some of the best comic book art I have ever seen

Many people find him boring, too one dimensional…too goody goody, righteous, invincible…etc. And I can see their points, but that’s what I like about him. That is what draws me to him. When I was younger, one of the biggest reason that Superman was (still is) my favourite superhero is because he inspired hope. He essentially personified truth, justice, hope and freedom. And in a way, many writers still write him as such (while trying to make him more human). It would be a lie to say that when I was younger I didn’t want to do the same. When I read comics, I would often imagine myself doing what Superman did. Inspiring hope…personifying truth, justice and freedom. As geeky as that sounds, I believe that all children and younger people have huge dreams of doing something similar.

So yes, Superman is my favourite superhero. Not because I can relate, but because of what he represents, inspires and fights for. And to me, that is what a superhero should be.

Things that made me smile today:

– listening to a brilliant message by Tim Keller (convicting but joy bringing) reminding me that true spiritual growth isn’t instantaneous, but rather it can/is a slow process that may not be noticeable but it still happens.

-starting an IBS (inductive bible study) on 1st Timothy

-shoveling the snow

– writing this blog post and remembering why I enjoy comics and Superman in particular


Day 06 – 30 interesting facts about yourself

alright here goes. Hopefully I can come up with 30.

30) I was born in Hong Kong
29) I came to Canada when I was 4
28) I have been to Kazakhstan
27) I tried fermented horse milk (it is gross, an interesting thing to try, but ew)
26) I have eaten horse meat
25) I have tried a chocolate covered cricket
24) I have tried a chocolate covered meal worm
23) I have tried a deep fried scorpion
22) I have tried a deep fried pupa
21) I have tried a deep fried grasshopper
20) I have been to China and Hong Kong
19) I worked at a fish plant in PEI
18) I enjoy cooking…even though I’m not that great at it
17) I played piano, but i haven’t played in 10 years
16) I do not have an attention span that allows me to play video games for long periods of time
15) I love to travel, but I tend to get airsick really really easily
14) I traveled to England
13) I traveled to Malaysia and Singapore
12) I want to try a raw, freshly chopped octopus
11) I am applying to go teach English in Korea
10) I have tried donkey meat (it was really good :D)
9) I tried Kvass while in Kazakhstan (its a drink made by fermenting bread….I really enjoyed it)
8) I laugh loud enough that most people can hear me across a large room, or in another room altogether
7) I still enjoy reading comic books (my favourite superheroes being Superman, Green Lantern, and the Flash)
6) I want to get into ministry (still don’t know in what capacity, but we shall see)
5) Apparently I like to not like music everyone else likes but instead I look for artists that aren’t that well known and then get everyone else hooked on them (D.Choi 😀 )
4) I worked at a restaurant in England where the owners tried to get me drunk because after work the beer would be free for the employees (I gained so much weight that summer 😛 )
3) I was a security guard at one point
2) I often have dreams where I get superpowers or am a superhero…but I always wake up before the vanquishing of the evil foe is complete
1) I also make youtube videos (although that has been put on a hiatus while this 30 day blog challenge is going on). And they really aren’t that good.

Wow, just realized that much of my 30 facts involve food. oh well, I enjoy food, eating it and making it 🙂


My top 5 super-powers I would want to have if this was a comic book

Wow, take a deep breath. That was an unnecessarily long title for a blog post that may or may not be really really short. Anyway, this is my top 5 super-powers I would enjoy having…if I was a comic book character.

5) Green Lantern’s power ring

Ok I know that’s not technically a super-power, but rather it is an accessory that grants super-powers. But seriously? Who wouldn’t want a ring that could create anything (for defense and offence) that is only limited by the imagination and willpower? If I had that accessory, I would create unbelievable robots (getter Robo? Gundam? seriously the Japanese have the coolest robot designs). If its that great how come its not higher? well its got a ridiculous 24 hr charge to it….which makes sense so that the power won’t be abused. But really it could be dangerous if one does not remember to charge it. Plus like I said its an accessory. It still makes it on the list because it grants powers but it loses something because of the charge, its weakness to yellow(although I don’t think that’s an issue anymore) and for the fact it is driven by willpower.

4) Morphing

Not like the Power Rangers (although that would be pretty cool). But the ability to change your body into anything or anyone (like Plastic Man or Mystique off the X-men). It could be abused, but for espionage or infiltration, nothing could beat it.

3) Super Speed

I would love to run so fast that I wouldn’t break the surface tension of the water, allowing me to run on top of it. Also it would be sweet to be able to run fast enough that gravity isn’t an issue (allowing you to run up the side of a building). Faster than the speed of sound. Like Sonic, Quicksilver and the Flash.

2) Healing factor

Yeah that would be sweet, if I were a super-hero I don’t have to worry about dying by bullets with this power.

1) Flight

I would love to fly, it would save on the airplane ticket and there would be so much freedom in the air. Seriously. It would be amazing!

So there are my top 5 super-powers. Some I believe needed more explanations while others were pretty self explanatory.

Next up: My top 5 songs?….maybe….


Further ahead: My favourite Bible passages….like way further ahead.